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Multi-Skills Technician Program & Pastry Chef

Special batches for students for strating their own business

Multi-Skills Technician

The multi-skills Technician is responsible for performing wide rang of repair and maintence work, both indoor and outdoor, in the organizations to create good working environment.

Brief job, Description: The individual at work is responsible for the cleanliness, orderliness and maintenance of the organization to ensure that facility and equipment are in working condition all the time.

Program Module

  • Maintant Safety, Health & hygiene at work Place
  • Clean & Maintain Utilities at Facility
  • Maintain The Plumbing System
  • Maintain Ellectrical system & Machines
  • Maintain the HVAC system
  • Preventive & Corrective Mainenance of infrastructure
  • Monitor & Control Building Management system
  • Maintain & use the backup system
  • Maintain & Use Pumps and Fire Fighting systems
  • Communication & Soft Skill Development

Eligibility : 8th & 10th Pass, Duration : 2 Months & 6 months

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Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef, Also Known as Pastisseries, Dessert Maker/Chef, Creates Different Types of product like cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, pies, confectionaries, dessert, bread and other baked good.

Brief job Description : The individual at work prepares; cook and fineshes variety of pastry produvts, creates new product, customers them as per requirements and undertakes administrative work

Program Module

  • Prepare, cook and finish pastry product
  • Presentation of pastry product
  • Customizing pastry product
  • Customer-centric service orientation
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Safety at workplace
  • Gender and age sensitive service practices
  • Etiquette and hospitable conduct

Eligibility : 8th & 10th Pass, Duration : 4 months

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Vocational Career Progression { Job Options After Vocational Education With RSP-VTC }

Program Pathway in Academics- STD Jobs Option after regular School / College Vocational Education Level Opportunity
MST - ELBS 8th Pass or 10th Pass Office boy delivery boy & back office work
Upto 4,000/-
NSQF Level - 4 RAGC + SSPVNS certification Facility operator in facility Management Organisation
8,000/- to 9,000/-
Pastry Chef 8th Pass or 10th Pass Office boy delivery boy & back office work
Upto 4,000/-
NSQF Level - 5 RAGC + SSPVNS certification Commi Chef / Baker / Pastry Chef
Upto 7,000/- to 8,000/-